BP Energy Partners

Environmental, Social and Corporate (ESG) policy

We are sustainable, responsible investors. Below is a summary of our Environmental, Social and Corporate (ESG) policy, formalized in 2018.

  • The role as an investor is to promote responsible environmental stewardship and socially responsible development, with respect to human rights
  • Recognizing that certain investments could potentially have positive or negative effects to climate change, diversity in the work force, and human rights
  • Investments with potentially unavoidable negative impacts are considered, they are carefully evaluated with the goal to minimize, mitigate or offset the unavoidable negative impacts

We seek to ensure that our investments are developed in a manner consistent with ESG along with socially responsible, sound environmental and management practices

COVID-19 Statement

  • BP Energy Partners and its portfolio companies remain vigilant in monitoring the effects of the novel coronavirus to best maintain safety and operational capabilities, with guidance from the CDC.
  • All portfolio companies operate as essential businesses.