BP Energy Partners

BP Energy Partners

BP Energy Partners, LLC (BPEP), is a Dallas, Texas based growth-oriented private equity firm.

Since inception BPEP has focused on a lower carbon future by establishing and growing sustainable and responsible energy companies in the natural gas value chain. Today, that focus continues through targeted investments in the natural gas value chain, renewable energy and lower carbon solutions.

BPEP collaborates with entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, project developers, and experienced management teams to provide patient capital, financial and operating expertise, and deep industry relationships.

BP Energy Partners is led by Michael Watzky and Alex Szewczyk. Founded in 2013 in collaboration with T Boone Pickens, BPEP has benefited from his decades of leadership in the energy sector.

BPEP currently manages over $550 million in committed capital and is actively investing in new opportunities.

Top Performing Unlisted Natural Resources Funds by Net IRR

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